I was asked to participate in Blauwdruk033, a yearly exhibition featuring young artists from Amersfoort. I decided that

Summer in Spain

Last summer I spent a week in this gorgeous appartment. This was commisioned by the owners.

Flinke Soep Festival

On the 4th of october the salvation army (Leger des Heils) organised the ‘Flinke Soep Festival’. A great day with

Moving card

Would love to do more of these!

Verborgen tuin #1

An illustration from the first hidden garden in the series!

Verborgen Tuinen

Together with photographer Watze D. de Haan we were asked to participate in the project Sluitertijd. A project by 033Fotostad

Mural St. Joseph

Mural for the St. Joseph student accomodation in Amersfoort.  The St. Joseph has a great garden that the students use for bbq

Logo Timmy Turn’m

Logo for a good friend’s new dj-project; Timmy Turn’m. This was very fun to do! A challenge to do something more g

Logo Annemarie Degens

Logo for journalist and writer Annemarie Degens, 2017.

Pigeons print

Pigeons in ink.

Hiraeth screenprint

Two colour screenprint part of my Hiraeath series. These will be up for sale soon!

New Christmas cards!

It’s that time again! This is the second year I have designed the Christmas cards for Mathare Girl Power Project and I&


Hiraeth (n.): a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning,


Set of 4 a5 postcards part of the Hiraeth series. Up for sale soon!

Christmas cards for MGPP

My mother has her own charity called Mathare Girl Power Project for which I designed Christmas cards in 2015. This is going t


Lente is a zine about the beauty of a forgotten place. There is a small area in my neighbourhood that is destined to become an